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Becoming a Haiti Air Ambulance Supporter

March 24, 2023

Imagine being in a situation where you or your loved one needs urgent medical attention, but the only way to access it is through a grueling twelve-hour journey. This is the reality for many Haitians, who face numerous barriers to accessing medical care. However, there is hope.

Haiti Air Ambulance is a New York State-based charity dedicated to providing emergency helicopter services to the people of Haiti, as well as disaster relief and community support. By supporting Haiti Air Ambulance, you can be part of a life-saving effort that uplifts Haitians in times of need.

Our organization operates 365 days a year, caring for and flying critically ill patients to emergency medical care based solely on need, regardless of ability to pay. This means that your support can help provide access to medical care for those who may not have been able to receive it otherwise. Let’s take a closer look at the work we do in Haiti and how you can become a supporter of Haiti Air Ambulance.

How Haiti Air Ambulance Helps Haiti

One of the key services provided by Haiti Air Ambulance is helicopter ambulance transport. Our non-profit organization transports patients to medical facilities, reducing travel times from hours to just 24 minutes. This not only saves lives, but also improves the chances of a successful medical outcome by reducing the time it takes for patients to receive the care they need.

In addition to medical transport, Haiti Air Ambulance also provides support for partners and facilities through the provision of medical supplies. Our organization also offers specialized training for Haitian community members, creating opportunities for local people to develop new skills and contribute to the healthcare system in Haiti.

Haiti Air Ambulance is also committed to disaster relief and preparedness. Our organization implements programs to prepare for and recover after disasters, providing critical support to affected communities. This includes the provision of humanitarian relief services to move skilled personnel and supplies during times of need.

Why You Should Donate To Haiti Air Ambulance

Your support can make a significant impact on the lives of Haitians. 25% of Haitians currently lack access to proper medical care, and Haiti Air Ambulance is working to address this issue. All transports and medical supplies supported by the organization are funded through donations. In 2021 alone, Haiti Air Ambulance supported 473 patients.

By supporting Haiti Air Ambulance, you can help provide access to life-saving medical care, improve healthcare security, create jobs, and foster social growth and sustainability in Haiti.

Join the effort to uplift Haitians in times of need and become a Haiti Air Ambulance supporter today. If you would like to donate to Haiti Air Ambulance, you can do so on our website. Click here to get started.

Would you like to find out more about us and how we help the people of Haiti? You can learn more about Haiti Air Ambulance and our support services to the people of Haiti on our website here.