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Our Life-Saving Services Uplift Haitians In Their Time Of Need

Haiti Air Ambulance (HAA) is a non-profit organization that is the only helicopter air ambulance service dedicated to serving the 11.4 million people of Haiti, regardless of their ability to pay.
Our goal: to help the Haitian Community - medically, economically, environmentally, and socially – in as many ways as we can.


2,000 patients have benefited from transport, triage and treatment
126 rural clinics and major hospitals depend on us for patient transport
1,000's of patients treated by HAA staff/partner doctors at our 200+ landing sites
60,000 COVID-19 vaccines and critical medical supplies delivered
600 First Aid courses delivered annually to medical personnel and their communities

Helicopter Air Ambulance Response

We are the only helicopter air ambulance service for the 11.4 million people of Haiti.

Critical Maternal and Perinatal Care

We perform life-saving measures for pregnant women and their newborns.

Patient and Doctor Transport

We transport patients, doctors, vaccines and medical supplies to clinics and hospitals across the country.

Humanitarian Aid and Emergency Response Relief

We are first on site to help rescue and treat victims of humanitarian crises, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, epidemics, etc.

Healthcare Training and Employment

We train and employ healthcare professionals to address Haiti’s critical shortage of healthcare workers.

Did You Know...

In Haiti, travel to medical care can be a brutal trip lasting up to 12 hours in some areas? Your donation makes it possible for us to provide life-saving helicopter transport that reduces travel time to just 24 minutes.

You Can Fund Our Efforts

Whether you give a dollar amount or cover the entire cost of a specific program or item, your donations ensure we can continue to provide life-saving support to the people of Haiti through our services and specialized programs.

Volunteer Your Talents

Haiti Air Ambulance welcomes volunteers with air medical experience to participate in our program. We operate in accordance with the highest standards of the medical field and our work would not be possible without our talented and passionate volunteers.

From Volunteer to Haiti Air Ambulance EMT:
Oberto's Story
"You have not lived today until you've done something for someone who can never repay you"