Haiti Air Ambulance is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing emergency helicopter services to the people of Haiti. HAA flies critically ill or injured patients to emergency medical care providers based solely on need.

We are committed to expanding healthcare security, creating jobs, developing programs and fostering an environment of social growth and sustainability in Haiti.

There is hope in the skies over Haiti.

  • Visitors, families and individuals can now have access to medical care anywhere in Haiti.
Mom and Baby are Doing Great!
Pregnancy is a joy that women everywhere in the world can share in. The gift of life transcends nationality, social standing and race. But the usual challenges of keeping mom and baby healthy are made all the more difficult when access to medical care is far from reach. “Anabelle” was just one month from giving birth to her baby girl when pre-eclampsia set in. The condition effects women with more than just abdominal pain and headaches—it’s a complication that includes high blood pressure and damage to vital organs like kidneys. Left untreated, pre-eclampsia can be fatal for both the mother and unborn child. Artibonite is Haiti’s largest department with a population of nearly 2 million.
  • Social Impact
    The core of our organization is our Haitian team and our commitment to the highest industry standards in the world. That translates to all areas of our operations, including our dedication to being fully integrated in the community at every level.
  • Sharing Knowledge
    As the first helicopter ambulance service in Haiti, collaborating with foreign volunteers brings best practices to our organization and sets benchmarks for the system. In exchange, volunteers learn from unique in-country experiences.
  • Catalyst for Change
    Every mission we fly positively impacts patients, their families and the caregivers involved. Donor support enables missions as well as our interaction with medical personnel to promote a better overall health care system in this rapidly developing Caribbean nation.