Ayiti Air Anbilans is the only helicopter ambulance service in the country of Haiti. We quickly deliver world-class care when and where it is needed most. Our efforts include transporting critically ill or injured patients away from disaster areas to hospitals that can receive them. Just as importantly, we are transporting doctors, nurses and vital supplies to the areas that are most devastated.

Our staff—both American and Haitian—is fully trained to the highest international standards. We save parents, grandparents, children, brothers and sisters. We keep families whole. And we do this for everyone—for the poor as well as the privileged.

Join us in having a profound impact on life in this precious nation. Your donations will go towards our services 100%.

By helping us fly, your contributions ensure that patients can reach doctors safely, that children can get back to school, that parents can make it back home and that this unique, independent people can attract the development surrounding them.

There is hope in the sky over Haiti, please take flight with us and pledge your donations today.

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