Haiti Air Ambulance is an emergency medical helicopter service that transports patients in need of emergency medical care.

Haiti Air Ambulance is for any patient in need of critical care intervention and transport to an alternative hospital.

Haiti Air Ambulance flies throughout most of Haiti.

A doctor or emergency first responder will decide if a patient needs emergency helicopter transport and they will call Haiti Air Ambulance.

Only doctors, trained police and emergency first responders can call Haiti Air Ambulance for a helicopter to transport a patient. Call 116 or go to the closest hospital and ask your doctor if the helicopter can help you.

Haiti Air Ambulance is a nonprofit foundation and will work with you to determine an affordable solution. Haiti Air Ambulance will transport you even if you have no ability to pay.

Haiti Air Ambulance will only transport you to a hospital that has accepted you and your financial arrangements based on the agreement between your doctor and the receiving staff at the destination hospital.

Haiti Air Ambulance takes patients to the hospital or facility best equipped and available to receive them, generally determined by the referring doctor in agreement with the patient. Our call center will confirm acceptance by a receiving hospital before we pick up the patient.

At this time Haiti Air Ambulance only flies to destinations within Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

The medical team who receives the Haiti Air Ambulance transport patient will determine the best available care plan to meet his or her needs.

After treatment is complete, patients are responsible for their own transport home.

Haiti Air Ambulance provides critical care with highly trained clinicians using the latest in medical technology and evidence-based standards of care.

Haiti Air Ambulance flies with crews of pilots, nurses, physicians, paramedics and EMTs configured to best fit the clinical needs of each patient.

Go inside or back away from the helicopter as far as possible or at least 50 meters. That’s half the length of a football field. No one should ever stand closer than 50 meters to the helicopter. Always maintain a safe distance to avoid any flying debris. Hold children and animals to keep them away!

Stay back from the helicopter at least 50 meters and also keep back children, animals and other people. The helicopter cannot land until everyone is a safe distance from the landing area.

Only come close to the helicopter if the pilot speaks to you directly and tells you it is safe to do so. Always listen to what the pilot or crew is saying and follow their directions. Never approach a helicopter when the engine is on.

Haiti Air Ambulance call center/dispatch receives calls 24/7. However due to legal and technical limitations, Haiti Air Ambulance can only fly during daylight times for now.