How We Help

Health Equity Fund

For many Haitians, getting an emergency helicopter ride to reach medical care is only part of the challenge; they still need medical care that incurs additional out-of-pocket costs, as a majority of Haitians do not have access to health insurance.

Our organization recognizes the many challenges faced by Haitians in seeking medical care, which is why donations to Haiti Air Ambulance don’t just support helicopter ambulance rides; funding also aids in hospital exam and admission costs when needed, improving health outcomes for Haitians and supporting hospitals with limited resources.

Community Education

Providing life-saving support to the people of Haiti starts with educating the Haitian community. Our organization aims to empower the people of Haiti through:

  • Emergency Medical Technician and Job training
  • Basic First Aid and Basic Life Support (CPR)
  • Preparedness Emergency Training (PET), in which we coordinate with other care providers and responders to practice for disaster response

Disaster Recovery

Haiti Air Ambulance steps in to support the Haitian community before, during, and after disaster strikes. As a charity that is present in Haiti 365 days per year, our organization provides natural disaster training, as well as education on specialized medical care before a disaster strikes. We also provide operations management through uncertain times, as well as some ground ambulance services and provision of medical equipment that is critical in rural and underserved areas.

Humanitarian Relief

Haiti Air Ambulance also provides humanitarian aid to Haitian citizens and medical personnel in critical times of need. With our donors’ support, we’re able to deliver: 

  • Lifesaving vaccines that protect against life-threatening diseases 
  • Nutrient-dense food and malnutrition packs to individuals who are starving from famine, providing critical means for survival  
  • Point of Care Ultrasounds (POCUS) for mobile diagnoses by trained medical professionals, particularly to prevent rising heart failure