Volunteer Your Talents to the People of Haiti

Haiti Air Ambulance welcomes volunteers with air medical experience to participate in our program. As the first emergency helicopter transport service in the country of Haiti, our organization was built from the ground up in accordance with the highest standards of our industry anywhere in the world, and our work would not be possible without our talented and passionate volunteers.

How Can I Get Involved As A Volunteer?

Volunteers accepted into our program bring change to the rapidly expanding developing country of Haiti. As a volunteer, your efforts will not only save lives, but you will also have a lasting effect by transferring knowledge to those who will carry this program into the future. 

We are always seeking the following types of volunteers: 

  • Flight Paramedics 
  • Flight Nurses  
  • Flight Physicians
Volunteer With Us | Haiti Air Ambulance | Haiti Nonprofit Organization

If you have the passion, experience, and drive to contribute to this exciting,

one-of-a-kind program, complete our application below.