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The Journey of a Medical Emergency in Haiti: Navigating from Call to Care | Haiti Air Ambulance

The Journey of a Medical Emergency in Haiti: Navigating from Call to Care

December 12, 2023

In Haiti, just getting access to medical care can be a matter of life and death. From the first contact in the communications center to the critical care delivered by the medical team, every step is vital. Let’s break down the vital steps that define the journey from a distress call to providing life-saving care.

Initiating the Emergency Response

The process commences with a distress call or message received from patients, doctors, or relatives. This initial contact is the first link in the chain that sets our entire emergency response into motion.

Understanding the Medical Emergency

After we receive an emergency call, our team works to understand the nature of the medical emergency. This involves gaining insights into the patient’s vital signs and general condition. Quickly and thoroughly gathering this information is paramount to providing the best care.

Confirming with the Receiving Hospital

Once our team has initially assessed the situation, the next step is contacting the receiving hospital to confirm availability for the patient. Our team ensures coordination with the hospital staff to streamline the admission process.

Managing the Air Ambulance Logistics

Determining whether the emergency helicopter can land directly at the hospital or requires an alternative landing zone is pivotal. Additionally, if the patient needs ambulance support, those arrangements are made. This phase is about ensuring seamless logistics for the patient’s transport.

Checking Weather Conditions

Weather conditions play a significant role in air transport. Our team meticulously checks the weather and coordinates flight times with the air ambulance’s pilot. This is essential to guarantee safe and efficient travel and minimize any potential risks.

Briefing the Medical Team

A well-briefed medical team is critical for effective on-site care. Our team ensures that the medical team is apprised of all essential details and is ready to provide the necessary care upon arrival.

Dispatching and Retrieving the Patient

With all details confirmed and the team briefed, we dispatch the medical team. Meanwhile, we initiate the process of locating and retrieving the patient, ensuring that no time is wasted in the critical window of emergency care.

In-Flight Coordination

Throughout the flight, the communications center at HAA plays a pivotal role in coordinating efforts. Effective communication ensures that the medical team has the necessary information to respond swiftly and efficiently upon arrival, maximizing the patient’s chances of survival.

Support Haiti Air Ambulance’s Lifesaving Mission

The journey from an emergency call to life-saving care is a testament to the dedication of the Haiti Air Ambulance team. It is a journey where every minute counts and every step is geared toward giving patients the best chance at life in the face of a medical emergency.

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