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Save a Life This #GivingTuesday

November 1, 2018 0 Comments

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Injuries like a broken arm are usually considered to be painful, yet ultimately minor inconveniences in America. But in a developing country like Haiti, these minor injuries can have heartbreaking consequences. Take the story of a 9-year-old girl, whose joyous trip to the beach was cut short when a passing truck struck her family’s car. The force indented the door where she was sitting and broke her arm. Eleven hours later—the time it took for an ambulance to reach the family’s remote location—the little girl was pronounced dead. She had lost too much blood. Unimaginable waiting times for an ambulance are commonplace in Haiti. The country’s rugged, mountainous terrain makes driving conditions difficult. And resources aren’t always readily available. Those outside the few major cities are ultimately cut off from basic critical care.

But now there’s hope in the skies over Haiti.

Haiti Air Ambulance has stepped in to ensure no other family has to experience such a preventable loss while being miles away from medical resources. That also goes for a young mother residing in the countryside and facing a complicated pregnancy, a farmer working on a tractor, a businessman activating economic development and tourists vacationing at the country’s many scenic destinations. As the first and only helicopter emergency medical service in the Caribbean country, Haiti Air Ambulance transports patients to one of 70 partner hospitals in the nation within the hour.

Since 2014, the non-profit has been saving lives daily. Haiti Air Ambulance is also more than a traditional medical evacuation program. HAA makes history every day by training local professionals to fill vital roles as flight crew, dispatchers, administrators and support staff. In becoming for Haitians by Haitians, Haiti Air Ambulance is creating jobs, expanding economic security and being a force of positive social change.

During natural disasters, something all too familiar in Haiti, Haiti Air Ambulance is usually the first of the first responders to arrive at the devastation. When Hurricane Matthew leveled Haiti’s southern peninsula in 2016 (six years after the catastrophic earthquake destroyed Port-au-Prince), Haiti Air Ambulance flew missions nonstop for five days, bringing medical supplies and personnel into the hardest hit areas and taking patients to hospitals elsewhere. When an earthquake shook the northern coast on a Saturday night in October 2018, Haiti Air Ambulance was ready the next morning, transporting blood supplies to the hospitals providing care to locals and taking trauma patients out.

Yet, critical care transport isn’t cheap—in the United States, the average medevac costs about $12,000 per flight. That’s why Haiti Air Ambulance is asking for your help.

This Giving Tuesday, November 27th (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving), lend a helping hand to a struggling country filled with beauty, warmth and a proud history. Make your contribution to Haiti Air Ambulance and help save lives. One hundred percent of all donations go directly to the organization’s lifesaving services and cover the costs for those in need of critical care who can’t afford to pay. Join Haiti Air Ambulance in saving lives and make history today.

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