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On the Frontlines: Haiti Air Ambulance's Role in Emergency Response Relief | Haiti Air Ambulance

On the Frontlines: Haiti Air Ambulance’s Role in Emergency Response Relief

September 14, 2023

In the heart of Haiti, a beacon of hope ascends to the skies daily, embodying our unwavering commitment to serving the Haitian community. We are Haiti Air Ambulance (HAA), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing life-saving helicopter services to the 11.4 million people of Haiti, regardless of their ability to pay.

Our Life-Saving Services

Every day, we uplift Haitians in their time of need, offering a range of services that span from critical maternal and perinatal care to patient and doctor transport. Our helicopter air ambulance service stands as the only one of its kind in Haiti, a testament to our unique role in the healthcare landscape of the nation.

Our Role in Emergency Response Relief

When disasters strike, we are often the first on the scene, ready to rescue and treat victims of humanitarian crises such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and epidemics. Our rapid response capabilities have not only saved countless lives but also brought hope in moments of despair. Through our emergency response relief efforts, we have forged a bond of trust and reliability with the communities we serve, ensuring that help is on the way.

Making a Difference 365 Days a Year

Our impact resonates every day, all year round. Annually, we support over 2,000 patients with transport, triage, and treatment, and 126 rural clinics and major hospitals rely on us for patient transport. Our efforts also extended to delivering 60,000 COVID-19 vaccines and critical medical supplies. As a result, we have become a pillar of support in the healthcare sector.

Humanitarian Aid and Community Upliftment

Beyond emergency relief, we are deeply involved in humanitarian aid initiatives that uplift the Haitian community medically, economically, environmentally, and socially. Our services are a lifeline for many, reducing brutal travel times to medical care facilities from 12 hours to just 24 minutes.

Healthcare Training and Employment

Addressing Haiti’s critical shortage of healthcare workers is a mission close to our hearts. We are proud to train and employ healthcare professionals, nurturing talent and fostering a generation of skilled individuals ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow. Our educational initiatives, including the delivery of 600 first aid courses annually, are shaping the future of healthcare in Haiti.

Donate To Support Our Mission

As we forge ahead, our vision remains clear: to uplift the Haitian community in as many ways as we can. Our journey is far from over, and with your support, we can reach greater heights, touching more lives and making a deeper impact.

Join us in our endeavor and help us to continue our mission. Learn more about our initiatives, volunteer with us, or make a donation to help us help Haiti. Together, we can make a difference, one flight at a time. Join us in supporting our mission to save lives and shape a brighter future for Haiti.