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  • “I had an incredible time in Haiti and I can’t wait to come back”, Margy Morris exclaimed during her volunteering with Haiti Air Ambulance.

“I had an incredible time in Haiti and I can’t wait to come back”, Margy Morris exclaimed during her volunteering with Haiti Air Ambulance.

January 29, 2022 0 Comments
Margy Morris has been in Haiti from November 29 th to December 6 th , 2021, as part of the HAA volunteering program. Despite her short stay, she expressed satisfaction about how she enjoyed the time, as the HAA staff made her feel at home, and the opportunity she had to fly around and see the natural beauty of Haiti, which was beyond words, as per what she said. Haiti Air Ambulance: Can you introduce yourself with all the possible details (family, hobbies, background, and so on…)? Margy Saur: I’m the first-born child of two military doctors so we moved around a lot when I was growing up. I’ve lived all over the United States (Washington DC, Texas, Washington State, Illinois, California) as well as in Germany for four years, and have visited around 40 countries so far. My husband and I have a dog child named Eliza and we love her very much. My hobbies include playing outside (running, backpacking, skiing) and playing inside (cooking, baking, board games, dance parties). HAA: Can you tell us more about your meeting with medical field and why have you chosen this career? M. S.: I always wanted to be a doctor, but luckily a good friend talked me into becoming a nurse after I graduated from college. My first job was in a medical clinic when I was 15 and I’ve never wanted to do anything else. In my career I’ve worked in intensive care, as a nurse practitioner in an ENT clinic, and finally as a flight nurse. Doing air medical work brings me immense joy every day and I could not be more grateful for the experiences I’ve had. HAA: What was your motivation to come to volunteer with Haiti air ambulance? How did that happen? M. S.: I first went to Haiti in 2009 to do volunteer medical work, then went back another four times because I loved the country and people so much. As a new flight nurse, I heard about this air ambulance in Haiti in 2015 but lacked the three years of experience required to volunteer. This year I was reminded of the program by a coworker and applied immediately. HAA: What difference have you noticed between flying in the US and in Haiti in terms of LZ, types of patients, treatment provided during a flight and delivery process? M. S.: There are so many similarities and so many differences! I’ve flown in a 407 before, so the aircraft and most of the medical equipment was familiar. The most profound difference was probably the chief complaints of the patients we were transporting. In my short time volunteering, there I saw patients with problems I’ve never seen in the US – advanced hydrocephalus, pregnancy induced cardiomyopathy, and severe trauma with minimal intervention. HAA: Can you tell us what have you learned and taught medically during your stay? M. S.: I learned a ton about the healthcare system while I was there and enjoyed talking with the Haitian doctors about their experiences and abilities to treat various medical problems in Haiti. I didn’t have an opportunity to do any teaching while I was down there but there’s always next time! HAA: Tell us why you would come back to volunteer with HAA again? M. S.: Oh man! I had such an amazing time in Haiti and can’t wait to come back again! The number one reason was the people. Every single human working with HAA was so kind and I felt immediately at home. Plus, the opportunity to fly around and see the natural beauty of Haiti was beyond words. Michelet Joseph

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