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How We Empower the People of Haiti | Haiti Air Ambulance | Ayiti Air Anbilans

How We Empower the People of Haiti

April 11, 2023

Haiti, a beautiful island nation and home to over 10 million people, has faced significant challenges in recent years. Along with devastating natural disasters and political turmoil, one of the most critical issues plaguing the nation of Haiti is the lack of access to proper medical care.

In a country where travel to medical care can take up to twelve hours in some areas, our organization, Haiti Air Ambulance, is making a difference by providing life-saving helicopter rides that reduce travel times to just 24 minutes.

In this blog update, we will be sharing how our organization further empowers the people of Haiti.

About Haiti Air Ambulance

Haiti Air Ambulance is a New York State-based charity dedicated to providing emergency helicopter services to the people of Haiti. We care for and fly critically ill patients to emergency medical care based solely on need, and regardless of ability to pay.

In addition to our helicopter transport service, Haiti Air Ambulance offers specialized training for Haitian community members, provides support for medical supplies and partners, implements programs for disaster relief and preparedness, and offers humanitarian relief services to move skilled personnel and supplies during times of need.

Our Impact

The impact of Haiti Air Ambulance’s services is significant, supporting 473 patients in 2021 alone. We recognize that for many Haitians, getting an emergency helicopter ride to reach medical care is only part of the challenge; they still need medical care that incurs additional out-of-pocket costs. Therefore, donations to Haiti Air Ambulance also aid in hospital exam and admission costs when needed, improving health outcomes for Haitians and supporting hospitals with limited resources.

Community Education

Haiti Air Ambulance also aims to empower the people of Haiti through community education. We offer Emergency Medical Technician and job training, Basic First Aid and Basic Life Support (CPR), and Preparedness Emergency Training (PET), in which we coordinate with other care providers and responders to practice for disaster response. In addition, our organization provides natural disaster training and education on specialized medical care before a disaster strikes. We also provide operations management through uncertain times, as well as ground ambulance services and the provision of critical medical equipment.

Humanitarian Aid

Haiti Air Ambulance provides humanitarian aid to Haitian citizens and medical personnel in critical times of need. With the support of donors, our charity delivers life-saving vaccines that protect against life-threatening diseases, nutrient-dense food and malnutrition packs to individuals who are starving from famine, and Point of Care Ultrasounds (POCUS) for mobile diagnoses by trained medical professionals, particularly to prevent rising heart failure.

Help Us Continue Our Mission

Haiti Air Ambulance is making a significant impact in Haiti by providing emergency helicopter services, specialized training, medical supplies, disaster relief and preparedness programs, and humanitarian relief services. Our organization is dedicated to expanding healthcare security, creating jobs, developing programs, and fostering an environment of social growth and sustainability in Haiti.

You can support our mission today through our website by clicking here. Thank you for supporting Haiti Air Ambulance and the people of Haiti.