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Haiti Air Ambulance Launch

October 16, 2015 0 Comments

Haiti Air Ambulance launched in 2014 with the mission to work with Haiti’s medical personnel in providing the best care possible to the country’s citizens and visitors. A rugged landscape and challenging roadways can separate caregivers at under-resourced hospitals from the emergency supplies their patients need. Haiti Air Ambulance’s two Bell 407 helicopters, pilots and crew reduce those distances to brief flights, as well as provide critical care en route.

Within our first year of operations, we are proud to have become fully integrated into Haiti’s health care infrastructure. By working with hospitals and doctors throughout the country, we are able to balance capacity at individual locations, meaning that patients anywhere can access the best care that is available in Haiti regardless of long or treacherous distances. We are also able to support patients whose trauma needs may require doctors to come to them. Our coordination with the nation’s public health network ensures our efforts extend from land to sky to land. We are proud to partner with all the vital Haitian organizations: OFATMA national public employees’ hospitals, Ministry of Health, CAN Ambulances national ambulance center, police and both local and foreign first-responder and disaster teams.

Countless doctors, nurses and caregivers at more than 50 medical centers have joined our network as both receiving and sending facilities. Together we continue to advance Haiti’s development by ensuring the highest level of medical attention is available throughout the country. Our work advances daily through the missions we fly, but also by continuing to work with these partners at all levels of the medical system.

To find out more about working with Haiti Air Ambulance as a receiving and/or sending facility, or to join our team, please email info@haitiairambulance.org, to start the conversation today!

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