Why We Fly

A prematurely born infant struggles for life. A father of six suffers a heart attack while working on his farm. A child dies from a broken arm after her parents’ car overturns on a muddy road. If emergencies like these were to happen to you or one of your loved ones in the U.S. or any developed country, you’d take it for granted that an ambulance would arrive quickly.

That is not the case in Haiti. Scores of Haitians die from accidents and other illnesses that could have been successfully treated had they reached a hospital emergency room in time. But Haiti’s landscape is rugged and mountainous. Rough country roads can turn a dash to the hospital into an ordeal that lasts for hours or even days. That can easily translate to a death sentence for the men, women and children who are unlucky enough to get sick or be hurt more than a few miles from a hospital.

Filling this gap in the health care system is also critical to Haiti’s efforts to develop tourism and commerce that produce jobs—and hope for Haiti’s future.

This is why we fly. Please join us to make a lasting change in Haiti.