Haiti Air Ambulance welcomes volunteers of all stripes to participate in our program. Professionals in the emergency services field have the opportunity to lend their talents and experience to this ground-breaking program. We are the first emergency helicopter transport service in the country of Haiti, built from the ground up in accordance with the highest standards of our industry anywhere in the world.

Volunteers who participate in our program enjoy working in the fast-paced environment they’re used to at any emergency service organization. Each day, they gain valuable experiences by overcoming the challenges unique to Haiti and the Haitian medical system. Rewards are indescribable as they immerse themselves with the people and the culture of the country. Haiti Air Ambulance is proudly referred to as a catalyst for improving the medical standards in Haiti. Volunteers accepted into our program have the opportunity to participate in the excitement of bringing change to this rapidly expanding developing country. As a volunteer, your efforts will not only save lives, but you will also have a lasting effect by transferring knowledge to those who will carry this program into the future.

Our pilots and mechanics are subcontracted through Classic Air Medical, one of the most respected operators in the world. Our certified flight EMTs are Haitians with on-the-ground medical experience who have trained with experienced flight paramedics and flight nurses, following the US National Registry curriculum. Flight operations are housed at our hangar near the airport in Port au Prince. Both our base and our crew housing quarters are guarded by strict security measures to ensure that our personnel and our operations are protected with the highest levels of safety.

Qualifications for a volunteer flight position:

  • License as a Nurse, Paramedic, Physician, or Respiratory Therapist
  • Current employment with a rotor wing air ambulance
  • A minimum of  two years flight experience with a rotor wing air ambulance
  • Current BLS, ACLS, PALS, and trauma certifications
  • Valid US Passport

If you think you have the experience, integrity and knowledge to contribute to this exciting, one-of-a kind program, complete our application to start the conversation today! HAA Medical Volunteer Application