Haiti Air Ambulance | Patrick Dolan

Patrick Dolan

Patrick Dolan is president of News12 Networks, which provides local television news to suburban New York communities and two of New York City’s five boroughs. He is also a pilot, which connected him to Haiti in the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake. Mr. Dolan flew his Navajo Chieftain as a volunteer pilot bringing supplies from the United States to Haiti when larger aircraft were unable to access the island. After his initial flights, he also committed two pilots to stay on to continue the missions for nearly three months. It is from those early flights that the idea for HAA was born.
Mr. Dolan is rated as a certified flight instructor and has logged 4,000 hours in fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. He is also a journalist, ham radio operator and serves on the board of AMC Networks. As a member of the board of the Dolan Family Foundation, based on Long Island (NY), he contributes to a wide variety of causes and organizations.