HAA Emergency Medical Patients in Haiti

Haiti Air Ambulance is the first and only emergency medical helicopter transport service in the country of Haiti. We fly those in need of critical care to the hospitals and clinics best equipped to provide it. Our service ensures the safety and care of our patients, directly impacting the many lives around them. Like the parents of one of our young patients who underwent intense neurological evaluation and stabilization after suffering a fractured spine:

Ethan is ok!!! He was cleared to go, no surgery required, at North York Hospital in Toronto last night. 6 weeks rest… his family will have to tape the boy down! Ann, an amazing pilot, touched down like she was landing on a cushion. Thank you to Eric and Betsy for taking such good care of our boy. And enough cannot be said for Ralph who took care of many of our needs including communication at Hospital Bernard Mevs, arrangements for flights home, etc. Who knew health care in Haiti could be this fantastic? God bless you as you make a difference for the people of Haiti and her visitors.

Or recently, thanks to flight nurse Melissa Mecklenbourg, paramedic Stacy Fiscus and pilot Phil Newson, who transferred a stroke patient from Port-De-Paix. His trip would have been 8-10 hours to Port-au-Prince by car. The 82-year-old male was very weak and unable to speak, but in only 47 minutes our fully equipped Bell 407 helicopter was able to transfer him to Hospital Canapevert, providing the highest level of diagnostic interventions, appropriate medications and oxygen in flight to stabilize him. At Hospital Canapevert, this grandfather was able to receive the neurological intervention he critically needed. Upon recovery, this important elder of the Haitian community will return home where he can continue to share his knowledge and experience with future generations.

Haiti Air Ambulance is able to provide services to patients by offering memberships to individuals and families traveling throughout Haiti. Our highly trained clinicians use the latest medical technology, supplies and medications. For members, the costly expense of the flight is covered. Short-term and annual memberships are available for individuals and families. Click here to become a member today.

Our active donor network depends on you to ensure these vital services are available for patients who are unable to purchase a membership or pay the costly fees of a flight. Your donations contribute to the funding of our operations and are tax-deductible. To help us save lives, click here.