Help Us Give the Gift of Life

Haiti Air Ambulance provides life-saving care when and where it is needed most - regardless of the patient's ability to pay. We transport, triage and treat critically ill or injured patients en route to hospitals. Just as importantly, we fly doctors, nurses, and vital medical supplies to hospitals and clinics across the country. We also provide medical training and employment to Haitian staff and medical professionals.

Thanks to You and Haiti Air Ambulance there is
Hope in the Skies Over Haiti

There are five key priorities where financial support is urgently needed. They are listed and described below. You may choose to donate dollars toward these particular projects or to Haiti Air Ambulance to be used as needed. In any case, rest assured that 100% of your contribution will go toward a worthy and important cause – saving lives in Haiti!

Medical Interior Reconfiguration Project for
Our Additional Air Ambulance

A faster model capable of transporting more equipment and patients, the Bell Textron 407, will be fully fitted as a state-of-the-art medical air ambulance. Now we can answer hundreds of requests that have had to go unanswered. Opportunities are available for visible sponsorship on the aircraft.

Maternal and Perinatal Care

Haiti’s maternal mortality is the highest of any country in the Western Hemisphere. Equipped with portable ultrasound, infant warming pod and safe transport devices, our new air ambulance will enable us to deliver a higher level of care for newborns and their moms than ever before.

Patient and Doctor Transport

We transport, triage and treat patients en route to hospitals with over 200 medicines on board. And we coordinate intake to make sure patients get to the right specialty hospital.
We regularly transport dozens of doctors, medications, vaccines and medical supplies to rural settings to treat over five thousand patients each year.

haiti air ambulance disaster recovery 2021 haiti earthquake

Emergency Response Relief Fund

Haiti has experienced two major hurricanes and two earthquakes over the last 12 years, as well as a renewed cholera outbreak in the fall of 2022. Non-governmental organizations and service corps rely upon us to fly fluids, medications and doctors to fill critical gaps in health care during epidemics and catastrophic events. Donating to the Emergency Response Relief Fund will let us draw upon much-needed resources during these emergencies. 

Healthcare Employment and Skills Upgrade Training

Haiti Air Ambulance provides job skills training in health care to fill a critical gap in patient care for Haiti’s underserved populations. Employing 200 paramedics, nurses and doctors with years of educational experience, Haiti Air Ambulance improves their professional skills while providing job training for both outside agencies and Haiti Air Ambulance’s own staff.

Big or Small – Every Donation to Haiti Air Ambulance Saves Lives

You may choose to donate toward particular projects or funds, or to Haiti Air Ambulance to be used as needed.
In any case, rest assured that your contribution will go toward a worthy and important cause. 
Your gift will also be appreciated by everyone in our organization and, above all, by the people of Haiti.
Because you’re the reason that there will continue to be Hope in the Skies Over Haiti.