As the first helicopter emergency medical service operator in Haiti, HAA embraced the opportunity to bring the best possible resources to our organization.

HAA retained Classic Air Ambulance, the largest air medical transport operator in the U.S., to provide a fully equipped Bell 407 helicopters along with the necessary pilots, mechanics and support crew to ensure flying capabilities 7 days a week from our base in Port Au Prince. This enables HAA to serve missions with the same expertise, safety and efficiencies of any world-class air medical service.

Our state-of-the-art air ambulances are stocked with medical supplies and equipment to stabilize patients en route to hospitals. Optimizing care during the “golden hour” immediately after an accident or trauma is critical to successful treatment and recovery. HAA flies all missions with experienced critical care nurses and paramedics and an EMT trainee to administer care at the highest possible level during these vital first 60 minutes.

HAA has developed strategic alliances with relevant government offices such as Ministère de la Santé Publique et de la Population (MSPP); Office d’Assurance Accidents du Travail, Maladie et Maternité (OFATMA); Office National de l’Aviation Civile (OFNAC) and private corporations operating in the sectors of insurance, banking and public services to ensure our long term sustainability. Through these partnerships, HAA secures required revenue via fee for services and membership programs. Private donors and public grants are being cultivated to secure funding for missions in which patients are unable to pay for services.