Our Team

    Executive Director

    David Ellis - Executive Director

    David is an industry veteran with more than 20 years in the air medical field.  David has been a Flight Paramedic, Clinical Educator, and Program Director for independent, non-profit, and University affiliated air medical services through out the United States.  David has worked internationally doing fixed wing repatriations across the globe, as well as taking a lead role in the air medical evacuation of Puerto Rico, St Thomas, and St Croix after Hurricane Maria.  David started with HAA as a volunteer flight crew member in 2014 and has returned many times over the years.  David is a Past President of the International Association of Flight and Critical Care Paramedics, has authored many articles, and lectured at industry conferences for many years.  David holds a Bachelors Degree in Health Care Administration, is a Certified Medical Transport Executive, and is a Certified Flight Paramedic.

    Program Director

    Cory Oaks - Program Director

    Lead Communications Specialist

    Schamma Delva - Lead Communications Specialist

    Clinical Education Coordinator

    Kelly Edwards - Clinical Education Coordinator

    Meet Kelly, Flight Paramedic / RN and Clinical Education Coordinator for Haiti Air Ambulance. Kelly joined HAA full time in November 2020 after multiple times volunteering with HAA since 2015. Prior to working at HAA, Kelly worked as a Flight Paramedic for 15 years in the United States and has a long career in emergency medical services as a clinician and educator. He also continues to work part time as a registered nurse in the emergency room of a community hospital back in the United States. Kelly has a passion for education and research, authoring several research studies, articles, and medical textbook chapters. In the past he also served as a Board Member and eventually as President of the International Association of Flight and Critical Care Paramedics. Kelly holds a Masters in Public Health, a Bachelor of Arts n History, and A Bachelor of Science in Nursing. He enthusiastically took the opportunity to work full time at HAA because of the unique challenges and impact HAA makes to the citizens of Haiti.

    “The team at HAA is simply amazing, and the chance to work with such a diverse group of talented people coming together to make a difference is wonderful.” – Kelly Edwards
    Clinical Services Manager

    Claudel Gedeon - Clinical Services Manager

    Meet Claudel, Flight EMT & Clinical Services Manager for Haiti Air Ambulance! Claudel has been a team member with Haiti Air Ambulance since the beginning of the operation in 2014. In his 7 years with HAA, he has made a remarkable impact on the people he was worked alongside and the countless patients he has cared for along the way.
    Prior to working for Haiti Air Ambulance, Claudel was a middle school teacher and studied accounting. However, after the earthquake in 2010 Claudel felt inspired to attend EMT school and become proficient at caring for his community. After his training he went to work at Bernard Mevs where he served as not only an EMT, but also utilized his fluency with English to serve as a translator. When Haiti Air Ambulance began its operation in 2014 Claudel was one of the first clinicians chosen to fly as an EMT & English translator. Since his first flight in June of 2014, Claudel has now flown over 400 patient flights and is always ready for the next opportunity to help his community. While working full time for Haiti Air Ambulance he continues to volunteer at Hopital Bernard Mevs, Project Medishare, and teaching EMT students at Empact Haiti. He states his dream is to “provide his support to the young Haitians and to share his knowledge in a positive way to his country.”
    “By making an effort to share a drop of knowledge with others, a drop of what you can offer your homeland, then together we will succeed in bringing Haiti forward in a positive way” – Claudel PA Gedeon
    Claudel’s smile is contagious and everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting Claudel can attest to his passion for healthcare in Haiti.
    Lead Flight EMT

    Oberto Charles - Lead Flight EMT

    Oberto is the Lead Flight EMT for Haiti Air Ambulance, with four years of flight experience.

    Oberto finished his classical studies in 2005 and studied accounting for two years. Just after the earthquake in 2010 Oberto worked as a translator with groups coming to provide aid. In 2012 he had the opportunity to become an EMT and began working at Hopital Bernard Mevs in the ER, Pediatrics, and ICU. Oberto has a certificate as an Xray Tech as well, and teaches classes with Impact Haiti.

    Flight EMT

    Prime Ferdinand - Flight EMT

    In the year 2000, Primè joined the first aid movement with the objective of helping others in case of an emergency.

    In 2001 Primè  served with the Haitian chapter of the Red-cross where he participated in different operations and training.

    During the earthquake of January 12, 2010 Primè worked as medical staff to help as many patients as possible.
    In 2011, St John Ambulance of Canada held a First Aid program which Primè attended, leading to becoming  a volunteer instructor of the national Police with St John Ambulance.
    In 2012 St John Ambulance program in Haiti chose Primè  to supervise and train staff in different regions in Leogane with JOHANNITER INTERNATIONAL ASSISTANCE a German NGO.
    Primè is an instructor at EMPACT HAITI
    Starting in January 2016, Primè  worked for HERO AMBULANCE, which is a top tier ambulance service in Haiti, until joining the HAA staff.

    Flight EMT

    Roc Wickelson - Flight EMT

    Roc was a school teacher for six years before training as an EMT and radiology technician with Project Medishare after the 2010 earthquake.  Roc joined the HAA team in 2020 and is enjoying learning new skills and helping those in need in Haiti.


    Communications Specialist

    Rony Pierre - Communications Specialist

    Communications Specialist | Technology Systems Coordinator

    Patrick Madhère - Communications Specialist | Technology Systems Coordinator

    Patrick joined HAA in November of 2020.

    Patrick studied computer science at Bishop’s University in Quebec, Canada. After graduating he moved to Vancouver, BC Canada where he worked and eventually managed the IT Service department at a major local corporate law firm. After spending the better part of 20 years in Canada, Patrick decided that the time was right to move back home and help his countrymen with what he had learned. He didn’t know where to start, how to do it, just took a leap of faith and now ended up at what he considers to be the most rewarding work he has ever been involved in at HAA, helping to save lives everyday. Patrick hopes to continue to grow here at HAA and make an even greater impact in helping his country and community move in a positive direction.
    Other than enjoying working with a solid team, Patrick also enjoys long distance cycling, sailing, cooking, skateboarding and gaming.
    Communications Specialist

    Michelet Joseph - Communications Specialist

    Michelet, has a passion for communication. In fact, he studied Social Communication at the Faculty of Human Sciences of the State University of Haiti. He has great skills in customer service and marketing strategy. He is also a cultural journalist with a high interest in Haitian cultural artefact. He loves to help people and to be useful for others.

    Communications Specialist

    Farah Liboiron - Communications Specialist

    Communications Specialist

    Tachyse Neïla - Communications Specialist