Our Team

    Executive Director

    Nada Marjanovich - Executive Director

    Nada Marjanovich has been involved in Haiti Air Ambulance since its earliest stages. In 2017 she took the helm as executive director serving the board, staff, members and partner facilities in furthering the organization’s mission and vision. Her professional experience is anchored in the media industry, working in a number of capacities from internet-related businesses in the early 1990s to print and digital media. Nada uses this professional acumen, and her experience as a private pilot, to develop initiatives that satisfy integrating HAA into Haiti’s medical infrastructure with a keen focus on long term sustainability.

    Medical Director

    Dr. Vincent DeGennaro - Medical Director

    Dr. Vince DeGennaro is an internal medicine doctor and global health specialist who has worked in Haiti since 2004. He splits his time between Haiti, as the Medical Director of Haiti Air Ambulance, and Miami, FL, in the Division of Infectious Disease and Global Medicine at the University of Florida. He also works as the Director of Internal Medicine for Haiti Air Ambulance’s partner Innovating Health International. As a staunch advocate for social justice, he fights to increase access to healthcare in developing countries, including helping to build national cancer programs in Rwanda and now in Haiti. With the Haiti Air Ambulance team, he hopes to improve access to all emergency services in Haiti.

    Network Director

    Dr. Francois Staco - Network Director

    Francois W. Staco is a Public Health Physician with more than a decade of experience. Dr. Staco graduated from University Notre Dame d’Haiti and has a wide experience in implementing, monitoring and evaluating projects in the health sector, infectious disease and industry-specific census building with a specialty in result-based financing. His experience with special projects apropos of capacity building for Haitian Ministry of Health (MSPP), USAID, Health Program Manager at American Red Cross and consultancies for World Bank and Global Fund provide him with unique expertise and ability to further Haiti Air Ambulance’s network as well as develop valuable data points on healthcare in Haiti.

    Business Manager

    Melissa Laratte - Business Manager

    Haiti Air Ambulance’s sustainability through membership sales and business development are handled by Melissa Jessica Laratte. After earning her degree in administration, Ms. Laratte began her career providing communication support for United Nations Office for Projects and Services. From there, she continued with American Red Cross, handling facilities, logistics and general administration. Ms. Laratte’s corporate experience at Rebo S. A., Haiti’s largest coffee exporter, expanded her command of international business and administration. Ms. Laratte is a lifelong Haitian resident who is also fluent in French, Creole, Spanish and English.

    Base Safety & Clinical Manager

    Stacy Fiscus FP-C, CCP-C, MTSP-C - Base Safety & Clinical Manager

    Few clinical caregivers are as dedicated to helicopter emergency medical service as Stacy Fiscus. From a young age growing up on a naval base, Ms. Fiscus dreamed of flying on helicopters. Prior to joining Haiti Air Ambulance in January 2015, just after the organization began flying, Ms. Fiscus gained valuable knowledge as a flight paramedic for nearly a decade working at bases in the United States. In addition to flying missions, Ms. Fiscus oversees the training and development of the flight crew and communications teams. She is also the base safety officer and serves on a number of international boards active in the HEMS industry.