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Haiti: We Won’t Back Down
Letter from the executive director

Executive Director Nada Marjanovich

Executive Director, Nada Marjanovich

Haiti Air Ambulance was launched in the spirit of hope. From our first flight in June 2014, we have carried on in that spirit through countless challenges, natural and manmade, and hope remains the inextinguishable torch that serves as a touchstone in all we do. It has guided us in successfully transporting more than 800 patients to the life-saving care they needed. It has led us in sharing knowledge with our partners in Haiti’s medical community to ensure we are supporting this developing country as it advances its emergency services. It has passed from us to the families of those we have saved. And it has grown in the children who crowd to see our helicopters, inspiring them to believe they too can fly on helicopters someday, maybe even pilot them.

During this time, many of you have supported us through your donations, by volunteering, offering advice and guidance. And just being there as our friends. Thank you for making our successes possible and expanding that hope. You continue to play a key role in everything we do.

September was difficult. Widespread demonstrations brought on by economic and political instabilities have added to the challenges we face working in a complex environment. Although Haiti Air Ambulance remains an independent, non-governmental organization, resources like supplies, gas, water and money are stretched even further during these times. And tension in the streets creates stress in intangible ways for our staff and their families. Sometimes, just getting to work takes unimaginable gumption (and creativity!). But our hope remains firm. As does our promise to providing Haiti with emergency services, our team’s dedication to each other and our belief that world-class standards should not be based on a patient’s ability to pay. And we are not backing down.

We continue to search for helicopters we can call our own so we can get flying again as soon as possible and every day brings us closer to take off. We are using this time to build our knowledge internally—even when stuck home, every team member keeps busy by studying up on core competencies. We have laid out a vigorous outreach program that will become the Haiti Air Ambulance roadshow enabling us to visit partners throughout the country and support them with training. And we continue to respond to calls for help however we can.

In the five years since we launched, Haiti Air Ambulance has been proud to be a point of positivity for Haiti. We’ve done our part when Haiti captures headlines, like during natural disasters, hurricanes and times of civil unrest. And also by providing the only medevac service in this beautiful caribbean nation. This moment has led us to expand how we provide these services and tested our commitment in countless ways. The outcome? As communications specialist Rony Pierre said, “Nothing can stop us!”

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